Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preview: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War 3 has to be what Ready at Dawn affectionately calls the "stalk walk." An extra section of the game involving Midas was shown behind-closed-doors, and gave me a taste of the more cinematic approach being taken for the prequel. In this segment, players will walk towards the camera, as if playing from the perspective of Midas. (It's not quite a "first-person kill," but it's similar.) You'll slam Midas down on the floor, and start dragging him behind you. There are enemies to deal with -- so you can throw Midas to keep them off your back -- and he'll struggle once in a while, but with a fast response to the QTE you can keep him in line and eventually dispose of him.

We may not have needed to return to the franchise so soon after God of War 3, but the PSP needs a heavy-hitting title for the holidays. What I've played at E3, combined with the legacy of the franchise (and developer), nearly guarantees another hit entry in the franchise. It's an awfully familiar retread, though one that fans will have a hard time turning down.

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