Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FIFA 11 & PES 2011 PC Demo Gameplay Compare

Demo FIFA on PC looks good. EA has changed the graphics engine to the newer, so FIFA 11 for PC is something totally different compared with FIFA 10, which was great for consoles but PC version was crappy and poor. Impressions after playing the demo are very positive,
I played in the previous part of FIFA on the Xbox, and I liked this game although I was negatively geared (previous FIFA somehow not care for my taste). When you turn off all the aids during the match (auto-switching players, assist at the shots and passes) and set the tempo of the match on the slow or normal - then the game becomes hard and resembles a real game (something that used to offer more or less in old PES 2006 .) You must choose power and direction of passes and shots. As a minor, long-standing series of PES was hard for me to switch to this way of playing, in PES passes and shots are easier to do. Of course, if you switched to on all the assist this game also becomes much easier.
Graphically, the game looks better than PES (today's standard is an anti aliasing, which FIFA has), audio is also good (FIFA demo have also a commentary.)

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